Amigurumi Llama – On Unnecessary Burdens

There is so much of our lives that is out of our control. That’s a cheerful first thought of 2018, Cass! Way to go!

But in all seriousness, I think much of my struggle in life has resulted from my misguided attempts to control the uncontrollable. I do not control whether or not someone else will enjoy my particular brand of highly sensitive, introverted, overly philosophical nerdiness. And more than that, it’s not my job to try to be what they want. I do not control the news cycle. It’s a force that exists entirely without my input. I can only decide whether or not I want to engage. I also do not control the weather or traffic or the speed of checkout cashiers.

So why put any effort into fighting against these things? It’s an untenable burden. And I often find myself exhausted.

I want to learn to let these things go. I’d rather learn to recognize the burdens that are fit to carry. Did I get any exercise today? Did I give myself breaks when I noticed I was starting to feel overworked? How is my posture? Am I breathing well?

Simple things.

I want to remember that life doesn’t have to be SO SERIOUS. It’s OK to back away from things that don’t feed your well being. Even from people, no matter how closely related. Here is your permission slip. For God’s sake woman, take it.

In short, I want 2018 to be my llama year. Hear me out! I’m going somewhere with this!

The llama is equal parts regal and goofy. She is a pack animal, strong and hardy, but too irritable to bother with trying to carry more than she can shoulder. She is social and loving, but push her past her limit? She’ll spit at you and walk away. And she’s got 3 stomach compartments from which to choose the potency of that…uh…expectoration. My hero! Everything a girl could ever wish to be.

So here we go, 2018. I hope it’s a llama year for you as well.


Want to make your own amigurumi llama? I’ve opted to provide this pattern (Lovely Lola the Llama) for free to celebrate the new year. I’d be honored if you’d check it out!

Want to see more of my work? Find me on Instagram: @acassafrass or on Etsy:


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