The Book

Oh my goodness, I wrote a book! Available on Etsy,, and Amazon.

All the Ways You’re Important to Me is a bedtime story that reminds children how much they’re loved and reminds parents of all that’s special about having their children in their lives. Featuring artwork made of yarn and felt with ten cute crochet toys that crafty or adventurous adults are invited to stitch up themselves. Complete crochet patterns, crochet basics, and stitch tutorials are provided in the back of the book. Imagine how special to be a child, cuddled up with a story of love, holding your favorite little toy from one of your bedtime books, made all the more special as it was created just for you by your caregiver.


Take a peek inside!



Like what you see? You can purchase a paperback copy of my book on Amazon, BookBaby, or I have a select number of signed copies and copies with toys available in my Etsy shop. Live outside the US or would just prefer the PDF eBook? That’s also available on Etsy! I would be so honored if you would check it out!


“An endearing bedtime storybook that highlights the importance of children in the lives of their parents.” –Readers’ Favorite


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